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AsmSource : Assembly Language Programming

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Windows (32-bit) Programming Links

Web Site Name Description
x86 Assembly Language Webring Contains a list of Assembly Programming sites.
Iczelion's win32 Assembly Page Surely the best site, with Iczelion's infamous tute's, updated regularly.
Iczelion's win32 Message Board Excellent forum, with many readers.
Hutch's 32 Bit MASM Page The official homepage of MASM32 package, and patches
Tiny Apps Collection of tiny programs, some with source, for use in Windows/Dos
Cedric Operating System Cedric is a PC based operating system, currently under development, and is a free project with all source available.
Bill's win32asm Page Source code (file manager, calculator) and essays (FPU, comp arch, win32 prog).
Test Department Large amount of source code, from beginner and beyond, including OpenGL, multimedia player, animation, fractals, bitmap manipulation.
GigNews Tutorial describing writing a Tetris game in 100% Assembly, in six parts. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (See bottom of page). Assembly Section Collection of articles explaining assembly programming for dos and windows in detail.
99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall Code for 99 bottles of beer on the wall in Asm (and other languages.)
Comrade A site with a few utilities, but not much code.
Exagone Includes a bunch of tutorials for the beginner.
netscape: Assembly x86 List of Assembly resources on netscape directory.
dmoz: Assembly x86 List of Assembly resources on Open Directory
aol: search for assembly Search on for assembly programming.
Collake Software Various Utilities including PECompact.
TiTis win32asm Page Huge amount of source code, from various people. Not updated often.
hardCode's Bizzare Creations DirectX and OpenGL programming.
PentiumŪ III - Manuals P3 manuals a Intel
Optimizing assembly code Manual on how to optimize for the Pentium family of microprocessors.
Programmers Heaven Assembly section, not just for windows and for many processors.
32-bit Protected Mode PC Assembly Language Book Tutorial on 80x86 Assembly Language programming from Paul Carter.
Prog in extreme conditions Prog in assembly with a compiler or editor. Assembly Page Some articles and links.
Toby A few progs with src, in C and Asm, also some prog and maths tutes.
Bill's win32asm page Essays and progs with src, including a good filemanager
Coding Topics / Assembly Assembly optimizations and coding tips.
Pass32 Assembler 32-bit Assembler that comes with an integrated linker and manuals
Intel Literature Centre Easy access to all their documents, for pentium to p4 and IA-64.
The Free List of free Assemblers and linkers.
X86 Architecture,  low-level programming,  freeware Information page by the author of Windows assembly language & systems programming, Barry Kauler.
Paul Hsieghs Programming Page Articles, optimizations, references and tools for the Asm Programmer.
nuMITor's Programming Page A few program, including some mail clients, with source.
80x86 Assembly Language 3 (dos) Tutorials, and a bunch of downloads. Larry Hammick page featuring a few 32-bit progs, and lots of 16-bit programs.


Dos (16-bit) Programming Link

Web Site Name Description
Assembly language x86 Resources ?
The Art of Assembly Language Programming ?
Ralph Brown's Interrupt List ?
PC's Assembly Language tutorials and demos ?
Dr. Carter's PC Assembly Programming Code Page ?

Assorted Links

Web Site Name Description
Daily Comics Large collection of comics updated frequently.
Slashdot Geek forum with technical articles, updated every day.
Astronomy Picture of the Day New picture every day provided by NASA.
Google Really good search engine, and features my site yet.
Gamsutra Game programmers with many articles, updated weekly.
Adelaide Uni Stein Club Another one of my pages, which takes up my time.

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