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MegaMail.asm - Project Info

A program that checks your email POP3 accounts, telling you  if you have any unread mail. It is my intention that this program will develop into a mail client, similar to Eudora. This is a relatively large project, and the largest windows program I have written to date. If you have any suggestions or comments (especially if you find any Bugs), the please email me

These are still very early stages yet.

!!!Program will not work until you assign correct server, username and password in MAIL.INI!!!!!!


Version Changes Date
MegaMail v0.1 This stage manages to contact mail server. Does nothing useful at this point, but details how to set up a connection. Very early days yet!!! But this is the hard bit, as far as i am concerned!!! (Gotta love those exclamation marks) 27 Aug 2001
MegaMail v0.2 Updated About box. Added better icon. Better window dialog. Got stages working on one mailbox. 31 Aug 2001
MegaMail v0.3 Contacts multiple mailboxes.
Detects errors:  Host not Found
                             Incorrect Password
Fixed major error of only allowing 256 bytes per mailbox, increased to 512 bytes
1 Sep 2001



MegaMail Version 0.3. Shows correct connections for all except chariot (wrong password), and yahoo2 (server doesn't exist).


I have to thank n u M I T_o r , Jimmy Moore and sERpICo , for there excellent source code.