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Files v3.0

This the main screen, showing a list of files and directories on the right side, and various information on the left side. Information includes statistics on the drive, selected file info, and various info about other programs loaded into memory.

This is the about screen, which provides some more info about the executable, including how mush memory is taken up, and where the program was executed from.

Files includes a menu system accessible by pressing the ALT key. This gives access to a list of functions, applicable to files, disks, system, and a few extra.

One of the functions available is to view a file. Simply by pressing V, the file will come up, and can be seen in Hex mode, Dump mode (above), and Text mode.

This is an example of hex mode, where it displays the memory address, then the hex digit of the file, and then in the rightmost corner, a dump of the data.

One of the most useful features is the ability to view a number of different compressed programs, and what they contain. If you tag the whole directory, then E for Examine, it will test each file to see if it has been compressed (in Zip, Lha, Arj, Rar, Arc), then you can scroll through the list.

This is a directory tree, simply press W, showing all the directories contained within this current directory.