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Tree.asm - A work in Progress


Version Changes Date
Tree v0.1 -Reads in all dirs, doesn't display them in list yet. 24 Nov 2000
Tree V0.2 -Reads in from current directory.

-Displays in list form, you can scroll up and down.

26 Nov 2000
Tree V0.3 -Added level (collapsible tree) function, and ability to change drive.

-Also made totals more accurate, and converted to mb for really large directories.

-Added connections between sub-directories, but still doesn't work really well.

-Prints out current dir as first entry.

-Added Pgup and Pgdn, and file number.

27 Nov 2000
Tree V0.4 -Added count of files in each directory.

-Added ability to switch of each attribute for the directory (dir size, number of files, and total size), from keyboard.

-Persistent trouble with links to sub-dirs.

16 Dec 2000


Tree V0.2

Tree V0.3

Tree V0.4